Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby Face Thomson

I know I'm bias... but Owen has the cutest little face I have ever seen. I stare at him in awe all the time, and can't believe I helped create him!


I love this little boy more than I could ever express. He melts my heart and puts a constant smile on my face.

Ode To Grandpa!

Owen hasn't gotten to spend nearly enough time with his Grandpa who lives in Alaska, but the time they have spent together has been pretty special. He wears his Pink Floyd shirt somewhat often, and I only think of one person when I put it on him. This little boy sure does love his Grandpa!

Sleepy Baby

Who doesn't love a sleeping baby?
We sure love this little guy all the time, but there's something about his many sleeping positions that make him that much cuter.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yummy Fingers

Owen cannot get enough of his fingers...He first went from sucking on his thumb, to sucking on his knuckles, to now sucking on his two fingers. I really don't want to have to break him of the habit so my plan was to never even let him start...But how can I pull those fingers out of his mouth when he looks like this...

Mmmm I could eat him!


This year, Christmas felt complete. We had what we have wanted for so many Christmases, our precious little boy! Santa definitely came for all 3 of us this year. =) Christmas Eve we went to Grandma Thomson's and had dinner, and Santa's elves brought us pajamas! After dinner we drove to Megan&Marty's and slept there, or tried to sleep (the anticipation and excitement was making it hard) and then woke up Christmas morning to the sweetest little boys who could barely control themselves. SANTA CAME!!! Thank you M&M for having us for Christmas! Owen made out like a bandit, complete with toys, clothes, pacifiers, diapers, books, and candy! (Mom really enjoyed that one.) Then we went to church and were able to listen to the sweetest sounds of songs to remind us of our Savior and his birth, the true reason for this greatest time of the year.

Our little family at the Ward Party

Owen in his Christmas Eve PJs... pouting?

The true meaning of Christmas


These boys are the loves of my life...